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Related article: Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 22:00:03 +1100 From: james robinson Subject: After School Soaking Part 7This chapter was written after a reader suggested the scenario of the boys teasing a gay or bi teacher, Thanks Joe for the great idea, I hope you enjoy my rendition and expansion of your suggestion.This story is a figment Preteen Loli Boys of my imagination and bears no resemblance to anyone alive or dead. If you don't like M/M or M/B sex or it is illegal to read same in your country please go away.All comments gratefully received, any thoughts for new chapters gratefully accepted, all flames will be instantly extinguished. Please send to hope you enjoy this chapter please read on, thank you all for your replies and warm thoughts.After School Soaking Part 7 justjames17 We left Peter and Gary lying with Matt, their swim team captain, sunning together Preteen Loli Boys after a torrid introduction to gay sex for Matt. He took to the sex like a duck to water giving as good as he took in the threesome. While asleep their young bodies responded to the warm sunshine and their cocks arose hard and swollen, throbbing to their heart beats. Larry walked around the corner of the house and stopped dead in his tracks as he saw the three hot studs naked in the sunlight. His young mind reeled as he recognised the middle hunk as Matt, one of his wanking fantasy guys, Larry always thought that the handsome lad was square and although he had stood up for him when Terry, his now boy friend, had been giving him a hard time at the school swim training session. Larry just stood there gawping at the three magnificent bodies as his little penis jumped erect like a gymnast and he clutched it through the nylon running shorts he was wearing.The boys slowly regained their vigour and lay there enjoying the warm sun on their naked bodies, when Gary opened his eyes and looked around to see young Larry standing there in his tented shorts and tiny tank top which exposed his cute little navel highlighting the budding 6 pack. Gary jerked upright and his sudden movement alerted Peter and Matt, Matt grabbed his shorts and attempted to hide the massive erection. Peter said, " Don't worry Matt, Larry is gay too, he is hypnotised by your prick let him stare at it some more."Larry quickly moved across the manicured lawn and knelt beside Matt's lounge and gently prised Matt's shorts from his nervously trembling hand. The stunning pole reappeared and Larry bent down and peered closely at the heavily veined man sized cock as it pulsed in the sunlight. His small hand crept up the muscled thigh and slid erotically onto the pulsating penis, Matt tensed and groaned as the soft young hand caressed his thick turgid tool, clear sweet liquid began to leak from his flared deep red knob. Larry looked beseechingly up into Matt's blue eyes and saw consent reflected there as his blonde head dropped to the spongy firm glans and he began to partake of the offered pre cum.Matt groaned and tensed, his already hard cock swelling even larger as Larry began to slowly ingest the knob and smooth warm shaft deeper into his moist slippery mouth, Matt was arched up into Larry's sweet mouth and he gasped as he felt his supersensitive oozing knob slide slowly into Larry's swallowing throat. The throat muscles working on the tool as Larry swallowed hard to ingest the massive boy cock, his breathing was blocked and he began to suck air through flared nostrils. Matt was moaning incessantly as his penis was slavered over deep in the hot boy's throat the tongue was frantically working on Matt's shaft rubbing the swollen throbbing urethra tube. Matt's nuts were drawing up in Larry's grasping fondling hands and Matt tightened incredibly every muscle defined his abs rigid and standing up from his stomach as he screamed, " Sheeeeitttt, I'm gonna flood you with my juices!!!!!"Larry increased his sucking and fondling till Matt's balls almost disappeared into his groin leaving the wrinkled empty sack in Larry's hands, and he arched higher and harder into Larry as he held the boy's head and forced him hard down onto his tight pubic bush. The massive tool throbbing and growing thicker and harder until Larry's tongue felt the urethra swelling and emptying as the semen from Matt's gonads rushed in huge gouts into Larry's throat and stomach. At least 6 heavy pulses ran through the fat pole as Larry pulled back and caught a blast in his throat then pulled away further as Matt shot an eighth spurt which coated the handsome young boys face then a ninth charge landed in his hair looking like gel. Larry watched entranced as the cock slowly reduced in size and just trembled and jerked sending dribbles of pearly cum running from the gaping piss hole, sliding slowly treacle like down the throbbing pole to puddle into Matt's pubes.Matt collapsed back onto the lounge as both Peter and Gary groaned loudly as their hands flew up and down their cocks, sending gushers of pearly spoof into the air and over one another's bodies. Larry dropped Matt's flaccid tool and moved across to the boys licking and lapping the jism from their sun warmed torsoes, the two boys shuddering from the feeling of the little stud's tongue tingling over their excited bodies. Once Larry had cleaned their loads off the boys lay back on the lounges languidly, their bodies exhausted, they shut their eyes and Larry squeezed onto Matt's lounge cuddling against the hard muscular body. The young boy's softer body moulding itself around the firm taught older guy, as they dozed in the sunshine.After a short time, their healthy vigorous young bodies quick to recuperate, they began to chat and their discussion turned to school and their teachers. Larry began to tell the guys about a teacher he had, a young recently graduated teacher who had just started at the school. Larry thought he was a real spunky guy, and he had the impression that he might be gay or bi, he told the guys he closely watched the teacher and where Preteen Loli Boys and who he tended to look at. He noticed that he seemed to study the boys in his classes but only casually glanced at the girls, he also found that the guy was being very nice to him and one other boy in the class, who Larry was sure was gay by the way he moved and talked. The guys all began to get a little excited about the thought of having a gay older guy, and they began to work out a plan to see if he was interested in boys.The next day was swim training afternoon so they decided to see if the new teacher would show up in the bleachers to watch the training, and organised that Larry should tell him they were training that afternoon. He was to do it preferably in front of the boy he thought was gay, maybe both teacher and the boy they hoped might attend the swim session. Larry agreed to do what they planned and after French kissing all three boys and squeezing their slightly hard cocks he skipped off, whistling happily, around the corner of the house and disappeared from their view. They heard him call back to them, " Hooroo", as his voice faded into the distance.The three lads arose and decided on another quick dip in the sparkling cool waters of the pool, and they all ran and did huge bombs into the water throwing gallons of water into the air as spray, which sparkled in the bright sunlight like millions of diamonds which vanished as the droplets landed on the concrete edging and lawn. The boys horsed around ducking, groping and goosing one another till they all were sporting erections again and Peter slid up behind Gary as he hung onto the pool side talking to Matt, who had climbed out and was seated on the coping of the pool with his feet on each side of Gary's shoulders. Gary had a close fish eye view of the hanging gonads in their tight sack and the vertical pole of Matt's erection standing hard up against the flat muscular belly. Peter slid his hard fleshy torpedo into the deep crevice of Gary's ass and Preteen Loli Boys Gary wriggled against the pointed crown of Peter's purple knob, he sniggered and said, " Oh Pete, is that your love stick in my ass or a tree trunk?" Peter pushed up hard against the unyielding flesh lifting Gary up slightly from the water and sighed, " MMM yeah can you feel it throbbing against youir love hole?"Matt was watching Gary's face as a dreamy expression settled on his visage, and Matt asked Gary, " Does that feel Preteen Loli Boys as good as your face tells me it is?" Gary's eyes opened and he smiled and said, " Too right Matt it feels awesome but even better when he opens my sphincter and slides his log inside my tight hole." Matt's cock jumped and a clear rivulet of pre cum oozed out and ran down towards his tight nut sack, Gary waited till it was within tongue reach and he extended his pink appendage to lick the sweet clear fluid off the wrinkled flesh. Gary tasted the slightly sweet juice and the faint flavour of chlorine from the pool on Matt's flesh.Matt flinched in excitement and leant back on his hands pushing his groin closer to Gary's face so Gary could reach him without straining himself. Peter was watching this little by play as he wriggled and poked the swollen knob against Gary's puckered opening, Gary was twitching his Sphincter as he felt his boy friends knob teasing his anus and he relaxed completely pushing out with his bowel muscles as if crapping to enable Peter to enter him easily. Peter grunted in pleasure as he felt the tight round muscle guarding Gary's love tunnel opening and like a pair of lips it seemed to suck his hard rubbery glans inside the tight ring. Gary groaned and grabbed Matt's Erection pulling it down and sucking on the purple knob, causing matt to moan loudly as the hot wet mouth enveloped his boyhood.Peter was gripping the edge of the pool to steady himself as he impaled Gary's rectum on his cock, Gary slid down onto his penis and it felt like a hot velvet glove enclosing his boyhood. The feeling of Peter's pole in his anus and Matt's prick rammed deep into his throat caused him to ejaculate into the pool without touching his cock, globules of pearly sperm floated up to the surface as he sprayed his load into the water. The sudden unexpected release of Gary's cum caused his ring to tighten on Peter's tool and he erupted hot and hard into the velvet bowels. Matt felt Gary moaning sending tiny tremors through his penis and it triggered a climax and he nearly choked Gary as he grabbed his head, pulling him ruthlessly into his groin, crushing his nose against his pubic hair and lower abdomen as he pulsed and shook firing a heavy load into Gary's throat.Gary choked and coughed causing cum to pour from his nostrils as he gasped for air, trying to clear his throat to breathe, the cum trickled down his top lip and from the corners of his mouth. Matt jerked his dribbling dick from Gary's spasming throat and apologised to him for causing him to choke, Gary 's face crimson from the exertion and gasping for air gargled, " It's (splutter) ok (cough) Matt (gag) I just wasn't (splutter) ready for your eruption." Matt bent down and kissed Gary on the cum coated lips tasting his own sperm and licking it off the smooth lips and chin, as Gary swallowed what was still in his mouth and throat. Peter was clinging to the pool edge panting as he jiggled his still rigid roger inside Gary's tight cum slippery tunnel, he could feel the spasms as Gary's bowels twitched and pulsed around his invading hard on. His pulsing penis finally stopped voiding into Gary's body cavity and he felt the exquisite sensation as his deflating dick slowly eased out through Gary's clenched ass ring, the tight muscle squeezing the remnants of his ejaculation into the hot slippery rectum. The sudden drenching in the cool water of the pool as he slipped out of the furnace like insides of Gary was quite a shock to his nervous system and his semi hard cock shrank from the cool water to hang flaccidly on his empty drained nuts.Gary turned to Peter and saw how exhausted he appeared and he turned to Matt Preteen Loli Boys and suggested that he and Matt help him from the water. Matt reached down and grasped Peter's hand and then stood up lifting him vertically from the pool as Gary pushed on his tight buns. Matt pulled Peter's arms around his Preteen Loli Boys neck then shifted his hands to grasp the slim firm hips and lifted Peter up onto his chest as Peter slid his legs around his waist squashing his flaccid cock against Matt's abdomen. A smear of Peter's cum dribbled out onto Matt's tight muscled abdomen as Peter squeezed against him his feet locked against Matt's firm bubble butt.Peter's head was tucked into Matt's shoulder against the strong corded throat as Matt kissed his hair and whispered, " You are the most Peter, I wish it was my ass you had just blown in, I'd love to feel your prick shooting into me." Peter grinned tiredly and said, " Maybe next time if you wish I could fuck your virginal tight ass, then you can experience my ass as you sink you hot cock into my tunnel of love." Matt sighed and as Peter raised his face to him kissed his soft lips and moaned quietly saying, " I'll keep you to that promise Peter, I can't wait till next time. Maybe you can do me and I could do Gary at the same time."The boys broke apart as Gary looked at his watch and said, " Gees it's nearly 530 pm, I gotta go mum will kill me if I'm late for tea." He looked at Matt and said, " You can definitely do my ass next time we get together Matty." He ran over and opened the door hurrying into Peter's Preteen Loli Boys house to find his clothes as Matt hurried in to dress as well, Peter walked in rubbing his cock as he watched the boys pulling their clothes over their gorgeous young bodies. He walked to the front door opening it to let the guys leave and each received a quick kiss as they passed him and a fast grope of their packages, he said to them as they left, " See you both tomorrow don't forget the swimming practice." He closed the door after watching his friends walking up the street, their tight shorts accentuating their ass cheeks flexing and bobbing from side to side as they strode along. He watched until they turned the corner and he lost sight of them, sighing he closed the door and went into the lounge room picking up the tiny Speedos he had made Gary wear and went upstairs to his room placing them under his pillow for later when he went to bed. He clicked on his computer and waited for it to power up then began surfing the net, till he found the site where all the horny young boys gathered to chat, he was lost in the joys of chatting till he heard his parents car pull into the driveway. He switched of the pc and wandered downstairs to greet his parents as they entered, giving his mum a kiss on the cheek and saying, " Hi how was your day?" Next morning Peter arrived at school with Gary and they wandered into the school grounds and joined their mates as they gossiped about their favourite TV programs and what they had got up to the afternoon and last night. The swim team boys gathered together discussing their afternoon training regime and Peter, Gary and Matt quietly discussed whether the new teacher would show up at the training session. Larry and Terry appeared and hurried across to join their friends, Larry was excited as he pointed out the new teacher, they were attempting to set up that afternoon, the young man was entering the school yard and passed our five intrepid schemers and Larry called out, " Good morning Mr. Hanson, great day isn't it sir?"The handsome young teacher blushed as he observed the five gorgeous swimmers grinning at him and rubbing their crotches absentmindedly as he thought. His eyes slowly observed each lad's actions and he could make out their burgeoning boners in their grey school uniform trousers. His gaze lifted and saw that all five boys were grinning lasciviously at him, and he blushed even more as his penis began to twitch in his trousers. He hurriedly turned and walked quickly away towards the school entrance as the boys grinned at one another in glee. Larry said, " It looks as though he is gay or bi at the least, did you notice as he was perving on our cocks he began to crack a boner. I think we could be in for some fun with Mr. Joe Hanson guys." Peter said, " Well only time will tell, don't forget to tell him you are swimming this arvo and ensure the other boy knows too."Larry agreed and told them it was time to make a move into school and began to head of in the direction of the class rooms. The gatherings all over the grounds began to move towards the main school building as the Preteen Loli Boys warning bells rang out, the groups began to hurry into the school. The hallways rang to the sounds of boys chattering and the slamming of locker doors as books were gathered for the first lessons of the day, Gary heard a voice calling for the boys to quieten down and get moving to their classrooms, he didn't recognise the voice so he looked around to see the very attractive Mr. Hanson, who was master in charge of the hallway for the day. Gary nudged Peter, who was rummaging in his own locker next door, and nodded his head to indicate the man standing there with his hands on his hips as he watched all the boys hurrying to their classes.The two boys delayed their departure watching the studly guy as he watched the boys behinds as they hurried away their tight asses moving within the tight trousers, Peter whispered to Gary, " Lets brush against him as we pass, you go to his left and I'll go for the right, really rub against him as we pass." Gary sniggered satanically and rubbed his groin stirring the ever ready boy cock hidden in his daks as he whispered back, " I'm going to make sure he feels my boner against him, that should stir him up some eh?" Peter giggled and said, " Mine's already tenting my trousers, ha ha ha."Mr. Hanson turned at the sound of the laughter and frowned trying to look officious as he stared at the two lads tarrying at the lockers, he growled, " It's time you two were in class, get a wriggle on boys." Our two intrepid terrors stood there and actually wriggled their sexy young bodies at the embarrassed young teacher, Mr. Hanson was speechless as he was facing a situation he had little or no control over. These two lads were as tall as he was and absolutely knock out gorgeous Preteen Loli Boys and he just didn't know what to do about their teasing him, he wanted to grab the two of them and kiss their sexy sweet soft lips but had to appear stern and masterful in their presence or lose all credibility as a teacher in their sultry eyes.He drew himself up to his maximum height and growled, " Enough of your insubordination lads or you will be on detention this afternoon and you will receive a note to present to your parents." Peter and Gary put on chaste and imploring expressions as they pleaded with the teacher, " Please sir, we were only messing about we didn't mean anything by it, we have swim training this arvo and we will do anything you wish rather than have detention. " Mr Hanson smiled in triumph thinking he had won the round and said, " Ok boys I will overlook your behaviour so get off to your classes and behave yourselves." He thought to himself, " Hmmm, I have free periods this afternoon I may Preteen Loli Boys just sit in on the swim training and get to view these two young studs in their Speedos that would be a great afternoon's entertainment."Mr. Hanson checked the hallways for tardy lads and finding none headed for his first class of the day, his mind occupied by the erotic sight of the two lads wriggling their sexy bodies at him with both their trousers tented out with boners. He opened the door to his classroom and heard the racket of students misbehaving due to his absence, he strode forcefully into the room and caught young Larry messing with Todd the boy that he fancied and was sure was gay, all the other students were misbehaving throwing balls of paper around talking and generally causing a racket. He reached his desk and shouted for silence, the kids froze in mid action as they hadn't seen him arrive. Larry was still in physical contact with young Todd and appeared to be groping him or close to it beneath his desk, Todd's face was a picture of shock but also enjoyment he was blushing and smiling at the same time. Larry's face was hidden but he slowly turned around and stared at the teacher a sensuous smirk on his smooth handsome young face as he slowly let go of Todd and stood up straight exposing a rock hard pole bulging his trousers out.Mr Hanson's eyes locked on the bulging boner as he blushed bright red and he had difficulty tearing his eyes away from Larry's trousers, he barked at the room, " Get back in your seats and get out your books, I will overlook your terrible behaviour this once but believe me when I say next time I find this class in a state of anarchy you will all be experiencing detention." He had his brief case in front of his groin to hide his hard on and was glad to be able to sit at his desk and know he was hidden to their view. Larry put up his hand and when the teacher acknowledged him he approached the desk and stood right next to Mr. Hanson's thigh, his blue eyes slowly crept down to the teacher's lap and could see the hard bulge in his trouser leg. He rubbed against the man's thigh and brushed his semi erect cock against the teacher's arm as he whispered in his ear, " Mr. Hanson we are swimming this afternoon would you like to come to the pool to watch us, Todd is going to come he loves watching the team train?"The man sat there feeling this erotic young boy rubbing against him and just nodded as his throat was too dry to speak, Larry whispered again, " Thanks sir you will enjoy it I'm sure." He thanked Mr. Hanson aloud and returned to his desk and opened his books as the class began to study seriously, quiet descended on the room broken only by the sound of shoes shuffling about on the wooden floor, the sound of pages turning and the odd whisper or cough. All went well and the bell sounded for the end of the class and everyone began to gather their books and shuffle off to the next class, Todd walked up to the teacher's desk and smiled angelically saying, " Larry told me you are coming to watch the swimming today, would you sit with me, we can chat as we watch." The man turned his head to find that right in front of him were the tight fitting trousers with a cute little bulge showing where young Todd's boyhood nestled, he licked his lips and slowly raised his eyes to Todd's and he replied, " Yes I would love to sit with you Todd, you can tell me who is who in the pool."The lunch break arrived and the boys headed out into the grounds and spread out in their usual groups as they enjoyed the sunshine and ate their meals either brought in from home or purchased in the tuck shop. Mr Hanson was on yard duties with another master and prowled around breaking up the odd scuffle between lads but generally answering questions regarding the morning's lessons. He was popular with the boys mainly because he was younger than most the teachers and he was prepared to join in with them kicking the football around sometimes. He gave the impression he was really interested in what the boys were saying to him, the girls were a bit bitchy about him as he spent most his time with the guys. Quite a few of the girls had the hots for him but he just ignored their signals and carried on as if nothing had happened, this really pissed the girls off and there was quite a bit of typical female derision that he wasn't interested in girls.The bells sounded to indicate that the afternoon lessons were beginning and the swim team grouped together and made their way to the pool building, chiacking and messing about as they wandered to the pool. Peter, Gary, Matt, Larry and Terry were walking together whispering conspiratorially, they were discussing what might happen in the pool during swim training if Mr. Hansen arrived and whether Todd too would be sitting in the seats watching as he usually did. They entered the building shivering a little at the cool dampness as the odour of pool chemicals assaulted their nostrils. They all peered into the stands to see if their audience was present and they espied Mr. Hanson seated next to Todd in the top row where the light was dimmest, the five boys waved in their direction, smiling as they moved through to the changing rooms. They stripped off their hot uniforms and pulled the tight smooth Speedos up over their loins tucking their hot genitals away and arranging them to the most comfortable position.The boys dribbled out to the pool in ones and twos except for our group who made their entrance together, they moved to the blocks and stood there flexing their muscles and swinging their arms and shaking their slim muscled legs, the posturing and posing not being missed by the teacher and Todd up in the stand. Mr. Hanson was watching closely, studying the five so different builds on display, all the boys were worthy of modelling underwear or swim wear their young supple bodies displaying the perfection of youth, so much more supple and less powerful than the adult male body. The slender smooth almost hairless bodies moving gracefully as they loosened up in preparation to beginning their laps. Todd was watching his teacher closely and saw him adjust his cock several times as he became hornier watching the boys posturing, hi rested his slim almost girlish thigh against the more muscular man's leg and began to jig it softly up and down rubbing on the warm leg. Mr Hanson gradually became aware of the gentle movement against him and looked sideways to study Todd's young groin, he could see a definite rising in the grey trousers and he could see the small knob moving in the material as Todd moved his leg up and down against him. The effect of all the eye candy as the thirty boys swam and moved about in their brief togs was beginning to really make him impossibly horny as his body reacted to his rampaging hormones, the sexy young gay boy rubbing against his leg was almost too much.His nuts began to draw up tightly and that erotic electrical feeling was beginning to surge deep in his body, he pulled away from Todd and turned slightly away from him as he tugged on his nuts trying to stop his climax, Todd watched his teacher pulling hard on his nuts and knew he was almost creaming his underwear, he could hear the fast breathing and could see the man was trembling with excitement. He looked down into the pool to see the intrepid five all watching them, till the coach, Mr. Maynard blew his whistle loudly telling them to get on with their laps and stop slacking off or he would give them extra laps. The boys groaned and began to plough back and forth lap after lap until the coach stopped watching them and picked on some other hapless victim.Mr. Hanson was still holding himself trying to calm down as Todd was chattering away about the swimming lads, then without warning young Todd slid his hand up the man's thigh and brushed his fingers across the straining tensed penis. Mr. Hanson groaned aloud as his prick pulsed several times filling his briefs with a hot heavy load of man juice Todd felt the pulsing prick and squeezed the hard meat as the teacher groaned and trebled as he blew his load. Todd took the panting man's hand and led him to a doorway in the corner of the stand, he opened the door and led him into a small room full of old pool gear. He turned to the embarrassed young man and began to undo the belt holding up his trousers, he unzipped the fly and tugged the trousers down to the floor. Joe Hanson was powerless in the circumstances and allowed Todd to undress him, his sodden briefs were removed and the blonde head burrowed into his groin as the boy inhaled the scents of sex and Joe's manhood as the teacher's penis leapt to the vertical again.Joe leaned back against the wall as Todd began to suck his cum covered cock, the boy's tongue working expertly around the 7.5inch boner as he swallowed the man's tool. Joe was in heaven as the young cock sucker worked his magic on his straining oozing woody. His moans of pleasure echoed round the room as Todd slobbered over and sucked his engorged cock, the boy was enjoying himself immensely as he worked his well learnt magic on his teacher, a man he idolised and had wanted to show how much he admired him in the best fashion he could. Joe's hands were tangled in Todd's golden locks as he gripped the boy hard pulling him gagging onto his pubes. The swimmers were finishing up their laps and exercises when Gary noticed that the teacher and boy were missing from the stand, he tapped Peter on the shoulder and flicked his head towards the stands with a quizzical expression on his face. Peter glanced up and realised that the subject of their plan was missing and he looked around the whole pool area and couldn't see the pair anywhere, Larry arrived in their midst and said, " Don't worry Todd took him into the storage room up there, they haven't reappeared as yet." Peter grinned and rubbed his well packed togs and said, " I think we need to swim more laps dudes, at least till coach leaves the pool." Our quintet started swimming again and slowly cruised up and down the pool slowly so as not to tire themselves too much, after a short time coach Maynard left the pool telling them to ensure they locked the pool up when they left.The rest of the swim team finished up and left the lads in the pool, showering and dressing then departing the area with cat calls about brown nosing and suck holing to the coach. Silence settled over the pool as the boys climbed out of the pool Gary, Peter, Larry and Terry climbing the stand while Matt went to lock the doors of the pool to ensure privacy. The guys waited for Matt, grouped outside the storage room listening closely at the door, they could hear muffled sounds issuing through the closed door and they stood there smirking. Matt hurried up the stairs and joined the lads outside the door then Peter opened the door slightly and they could hear the teacher groaning and soft slurping sounds as they peered into the room they saw Joe leaning back against the wall, eyes closed and mouth open slackly as he was being sent over the edge by the boy. They trooped into the room dripping water onto the floor and they stood there with their Speedos stretched to the max over their hard pulsing cocks. Joe Hanson was so far gone into the exquisite joys of being sucked that he didn't realise that they had an audience, the feeling of the soft wet throat and the small soft hands fondling his nuts and nipples left his senses overloaded.Matt moved across and slid to the floor between the arched man and the wall and began to kiss the tensed ass cheeks as he explored the tightly clenched crack between the muscular rounded cheeks. Preteen Loli Boys Joe dimly realised that someone else had joined them but was too erotically involved in the blow job to be worried. He began to climax and his grip on Todd's head increased as he pulled him harder into his groin, the incredible tingling in his gonads increased until his nuts withdrew from Todd's grasp and pulled tight into his spasming groin as he erupted. His cock spewing shot after shot into Todd's suctioning throat, Joe was panting as he humped into Todd's face feeling the throat muscles writhing as he swallowed the thick creamy offering.While he was spewing his rich seed into Todd, Matt was invading the tight pulsing ass hole fingering the hot slippery flesh as deep as he could reach as he rotated the digit and rubbed on the excited gland deep in the furnace that was Joe's rectum. The man was uncontrolled and completely involved in the feelings being generated in his gonads and ass as he voided every drop of his rich sperm into Todd's throat. Peter and Gary were each sucking and nibbling a hard excited nipple as Larry tongued the sexy outie navel and Terry was lying on the floor licking and sucking the slowly descending balls as the incredible ejaculation finished. All the guys were enraptured by the light covering of soft hairs adorning the stud teacher's sexy body, it was a complete turn on as they had so little real body hair as yet.Joe's body gave out as his knees jellified and he slowly sank to the floor amidst the incredibly horny group of swimmers, their hands, fingers, tongues and lips driving him insane as they tortured his aroused but exhausted body. He lay there and allowed them free access to his body and felt someone begin to tongue his excited sphincter, he opened his legs to allow them entry and in a flash there was a smooth hot knob knocking at his tight entrance. He looked down to see Matt the captain of the swim team kneeling between his thighs pushing into his hot tunnel, he relaxed and allowed the stud smooth entry and felt the large sweet tool slide slowly and fully into his body as he groaned and found Peter's lips touching his softly. Then Peter withdrew his face and presented his hard young boner to his mouth and he opened to it and let it slide deep into his warm orifice, the sensation of receiving cock from both ends was exquisite and awesome, the boys seemed to time their motions incredibly as Matt thrust in Peter pulled back making Joe feel as though matt was sliding right through him and out his mouth.Larry was sucking his again aroused cock and Gary was fucking Todd's slim ass as Terry thrust his massive boner into the young boy's throat. The sounds of utter sexual enjoyment filled the quiet room and the aroma of teenagers in full rutting mode assailed Joe's olfactory nerves. Suddenly pandemonium broke out as everyone seemed to climax at once and the sounds were incredibly arousing as cum was transferred between everybody present.The group lay there recuperating and then as they realised what had occurred they broke up and began to dress and drift apart. They all made their way down to the showers where they washed of the sweat and cum and the boys thanked Joe for the incredibly sexual experience and he blushed and told them it couldn't ever happen again or he may be dismissed and even jailed for what they had done. They all swore never to reveal what had passed between them and left to pool house and wended their way home.I hope you enjoyed this episode, I know I loved writing it.
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